Friday, September 23, 2016

Redecorating On A Budget: Where to start

I am starting to decorate my house a bit and I have had a lot of people ask where I get my stuff. I am going to start posting more often on my favorite trends & amazing pieces, but today I want to talk about my go-to's for finding amazing pieces.

I will be the first to tell you, I hate spending money on my apartment. Is anyone else reading this like me? I would much rather spend money towards the trip of a lifetime than a $500 coffee table. I also don't spend a ton of time at home. My typical day starts with going to work, come home to change really quick, go to the gym, come home and shower, then come back to make dinner and go to bed. I don't need a big fancy space at all since I don't really watch TV or hangout a ton, BUT there is something to say for a space that makes you feel comfortable. Creating a comfortable space truly allows you to re-charge when you do get home, even if it's just for a short while. I'm definitely on a budget and have been trying to stay "cheap-ish", but that doesn't mean your space can't look expensive and lavishAF. Here a few tips I've learned through the process. I hope they help you if you are about to start making your dream space.

Start with Pinterest
Ever since I made a Pinterest, I have marked down tons of pins for inspiration. Whether it be a wall full of picture frames, a bathroom mirror, or pillows. I pin these and I feel like it keeps "what I want" fresh in my mind. Since I have gone out of my way to pin these, they suggest more things like them to me on Pinterest and in my ads. I sometimes just click the link to purchase something right then and there. If I absolutely love something out of my budget I will then go on a hunt for it made by someone else at a better price, find a coupon code, or wait for it to go on sale. 

Etsy is my go-to spot for finding things I love. I recently bought a beautiful tray for my living room, horns for my wall, a calligraphy quote that I am going to frame and put on my wall, AND a home-made dream catcher. Whatever it is you are looking to add to your space, I promise you can find it on Etsy. Usually Etsy is super reasonably priced and I love that a lot of the sellers are willing to customize for you.

Coupon codes
Have you heard of Honey? Well, this tool may change your life. When you download Honey for Chrome, it will run a coupon code search every time you are online shopping and checking out. For example, if I am shopping online at and I click my Honey app it will automatically search for all the coupon codes West Elm has had in their Specials the last few weeks. Since using Honey I typically get free shipping, and 10%-20% off my purchase.

Want something that you know you can't afford? Maybe someone is moving and selling it. I often find some sesious GEMS when I hunt on craigslist. Be sure to be super specific with your searches and make sure there are lots of photos of them item you are looking at. I got a beautiful West Elm coffee table for $75 (a $375 value) and also got an ikea bookshelf a while back that was super cheap (the biggest win was that it was already put together).

Friends or coworkers
I happen to have a ton of crafty friends and co-workers. A ton of my Facebook friends post things that they've created and are selling OR they are moving and trying to get rid of things that I may be interested in buying. Tap in to your network and see what people are giving, selling or making at "cost".

Is there something you want, but can't find it anywhere? Sometimes I go to YouTube and there is someone who has made a DIY video. Typically the people creating these videos tell you exactly what you need and the cost of how much you will be expected to spend to make this. It can be super fun if you have the extra time. 

Next time: I am going to share some of my most recent finds!

Friday, September 2, 2016

The Best Apps: How To Celebrate When You Can't Be There

Do you have friends who live all over like me? Not all of my friends live in San Francisco and I can't always show them how much I love them over the phone or by texting. I love giving gifts and I have some apps that are my go-to's to send a little love to my gal pals. Whether it's a birthday present, a congrats on their engagement, or just an "I miss you" I love to send them a little somethin' somethin'. Here are my favorite apps that are easy to use and super cute.

BloomThat: I love sending fresh flowers with BloomThat. I have used them for years and they are super reliable and always fresh! Send for a birthday, a promotion, anniversary or even Valentine's Day! I also love that you can now send cute succulents for your friends who are starting a new job or just for those who don't love flowers. Use code thean70s16 for $10 off!

Farmgirl Flowers: Farm girl has the cutest little burlap wrapped flowers. I love love love how eclectic their arrangements are and buy these often! I also love how they started doing little gift bags if your friends don't love flowers. I just sent this birthday pack to my friend and she absolutely loved it.
Packed Party: Are your friends fun and quirky? Send them a fun care package from Packed Party! What I love about Packed Party is you can even send to your friend when they are having a not-so-good day or week, if they just had a breakup, for their birthday, or even if they're getting married. These cute packages will surely put a smile on your friends face.
Saucey: Are your friends celebrating something that you can't be there for? Why not send a bottle of wine, some beers or some nice champagne? Saucey is perfect for a birthday, engagement, or just to surprise a friend when they got a new job. I love using this app, especially when you're in a bind. They deliver late!

Birchbox: Is your friend a beauty queen? Does she always have a new lip color, fresh scent, or moisturizer? Then she will love Birchbox. Birchbox is a monthly subscription for beauty products. I got this as a gift 2 years ago for my birthday and it introduced me to so many fun products. I am obsessed, and have sent to a few friends! It makes for a great gift, promise!

Doughbies: YES! You can send cookies and brownies straight to your besties door with Doughbies! How amazing is this? Doughbies are seriously delicious and when someone sent it to me with this I almost started crying. It's so cute and delicious, perfect to send to your favorite people to show them how much you love them. Use this code for $10 off : qumwmnqt.

PopSugar Box: This PopSugar Box is a fashion & beauty box in one! Look at this months box to get an idea what your friend would be getting. If your friend is a fancy pants, this may be the box for her! Click this link to join:  


Thursday, September 1, 2016


San Francisco has so many cute cafe's, restaurants, and local shops to try out it can be tough to choose where to go. Last weekend I checked out Chantal Guillon, the perfect place for coffee and a sweet snack.
My friend Shannon and I have been collaborating a ton working on our blogs and taking photos together. We decided to get a little wild and enjoy some macaroons and soy latte's. Their macaroons are out of this world delicious. Our favorites were the salted caramel and Persian rose. If you're ever in SF, make sure you drop by!

Outfit details: Quay sunnies, Brunch Sweatshirt, Mother shorts, JNB ring,  Fujifilm camera