Thursday, July 31, 2014

You're The Most Important Person In This World

This title might have thrown you off. To be honest the first time I heard this statement was this year. People don't often tell you that you are the most important person in the world other than your parents. My parents didn't even tell me that growing up, because that would suggest I was more important than my siblings.

I recently took a CPR/AED class very different than most CPR classes I've taken, I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Brent, our instructor, has been a firefighter & paramedic for decades. In the middle of the class he asked us who the most important person was in an emergency situation. Most people said the injured person... Wrong!

You see if you don't put your health first and foremost, you could seriously be putting your life in danger. If you put your life in danger what sort of help can you be to someone sick or hurt? A perfect example Brent gave us was a firefighter who was on his honeymoon. He saw an accident on the freeway and decided to help. He jumped out of his car to run across the street, and because he put the accident before his own life he ran across the street without looking. He unfortunately passed away, and later his new wife found out that there wasn't even an accident across the road. There was just a man changing his flat tire.

What I took away from Brent's story is that no matter how small or big an instance is, always put your life first. You can't be a good friend, coach, coworker, teacher, or partner without taking care of yourself. 

I have seen this a lot lately. Put yourself first. Manage your time, sleep, workouts, nutrition, and schedule. Prioritizing your time is more important than getting together with friends everyday for drinks. Contrary to what other people believe, I don't think work should always come first. Work isn't more important than your sleep, workouts, happiness, or time with your wife. Find out the things that make you happy and balanced. Once you have all your "musties" then you can go help others and do amazing things.

Make sure you don't spread yourself too thin. I've learned the hard way.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Greens

Everyone who knows me knows how I like to start my day (sometimes even end my day). I love delicious green smoothies, and for this reason I make tons of them. All different flavors, ingredients, and colors!

Today's recipe:
1 scoop Manitoba harvest hemp protein 
1/2 banana frozen 
2 cups spinach 
1 tbsp almond butter

Blend the ingredients and enjoy! 

What's your favorite green smoothie recipe? Share it with me on Instagram and tag @thea_nolan for your chance to win @manitobaharvest protein. 

Why that brand of protein? 
Manitoba harvest has the only water soluble protein on the market(it blends well in a shaker cup). Some benefits of hemp protein is that Hemp70 is easily digestible, a complete plant based protein, offering all essential amino acids - great for vegan or vegetarian diets. It's also just better for you than Whey, so if you aren't vegan or vegetarian it's a great option. I love that It is mild tasting with a creamy texture that is delicious to add to my smoothies, or stirred into yogurt and oatmeal! My favorite flavor is chocolate. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"OMG! I heard that's like so dangerous and really bad for you" ie. CrossFit

First things first, bashing someone's workout isn't cool. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean no one else should do it or it's "bad for them". I want you to know I am not "pro" or "anti" CrossFit, but I will tell you how I feel about some of the things I've heard people say the sport.

***Let me also remind you before you go on to think "well of course she's a CrossFitter writing about Crossfit". 
My background: No, I don't go to a CrossFit box. Yes, I think CrossFit is good to mix to your routine if you are an athlete, which I am. I grew up playing soccer, volleyball, & track. My mom is a P.E. teacher, dad is a 15 time world & 45 time national champion cyclist, my sister is a triathelete & Ironman finisher. I ran Division 1 Track & Field, got my B.S. in Kinesiology, work as a personal trainer, have competed in NPC fitness competitions, & got a CrossFit Level 1 Certification to learn more about CrossFit (not to become a CrossFitter) .

Myth Busting: Let me debunk some of the opinions I've heard and share some perspective. 

1. "CrossFit isn't a sport":
A sport is defined as "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment." These athletes train just as hard as individual would for the Olympics to make it to The CrossFit Games. Try one of these workouts and then you come tell me if it's a sport.

2. "CrossFitters have horrible form and could hurt themselves":
Go to any group fitness class in any gym, yoga studio, or outdoor activity and you will see people will poor form. I've done half marathons where people drop down to the ground due to lack of proper fitness, and running form. I've gone to yoga classes where many poses around me are held wrong. I've gone to group fitness classes at the gym where I notice form is lacking. That being said, WE ALL HAVE HAD BAD FORM until we learn good form. CrossFit is only getting a bad wrap because it's new and people want to bash it. It is up to individuals to work on their form as often as they can to become great. I do, however, believe this is a sport for athletes, and in my own personal opinion shouldn't be taken on by people new to fitness. Yes, it's intense. Yes, it's competitive. Only you can be the judge of if it's good or bad for you. If you aren't intense, or competitive you should just go to yoga or barre class.

3. "It's a cult":
Weird. Last time I checked a cult had to do with religion. CrossFit is a community. If you have never been on a team you wouldn't understand. If you've been on a team you totally get it. Waking up for morning workouts even though you would never be there if there weren't people expecting you to show. Not slacking, because everyone else around you is busting their butts. Finding friends with common interests. Having a group of people who are happy and healthy. The CrossFit community is full of supportive and loving people.

4. "The Programming sucks!"
Ok, I will admit I think some of the programming needs work depending on which Box you go to. That being said, it also depends on the coach who is programming. Some trainers at normal gyms tend to have really poor programming (yes, even with certifications). There are even some college or pro level trainers that are fired for the programs they write not resulting in great performance. Naturally, since CrossFit is new there will definitely be some trial and error. Know your body, know your limitations, and try to get good at everything. The best part about CrossFit is the variety in the workouts. Nothing is off limits.

The reason I decided to write this is because as an athlete it was engrained in my brain to be the best, and "pick" my sport. My soccer coaches wanted me to quit every sport outside of soccer, but I truly find value in variety. I wouldn't have the skills I learned from swim team, basketball, volleyball, or track. CrossFit is about being fit at all levels. Getting your body doing things that you never knew you could do. For this reason, I love the variety and challenge. I am here training for life.

Watch the CrossFit Games this week for some motivation here.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Who I've Been Following & Why

I love Instagram for the fact that I get to choose what my eyes see every time I look at it. I choose the people I follow wisely. I choose to follow people or businesses that inspire me, make me smile, motivate me, make me try something new, or give me ideas.

I love this insta page for styling inspiration. Sometimes I get too routine with what I wear, and this helps fuel some inspiration. They have a very hippy/boho look to their style, which I love! 

The games are coming up this weekend! They post some seriously motivating images. The athletes inspire me to work hard, never give up, and to have fun. Tons of these images make me realize, you don't always need to be training with someone to know you are supported. 

Aimee has the cutest fashion sense. Although I wear lulu everyday, I love seeing her out of the normal fashion taste. She does boyish, chic, boho, girly, and everythjng else SO well! 

Ok seriously Amber is beautiful, so you can follow her just for that. The reason I follow her is because of her story and her message. She has no problem giving a big FU to the fitness modeling industry and the misrepresentation of it. I love this, because similar to here I've been there. Fitness modeling isn't all that, and she helps reassure that being athlete is more important than being a model.

I love when beautiful, colorful, and fresh flowers pop up on my screen. Lately, this page has inspired me to make my own flower arrangements. 

First off, I love fabletics clothing. Secondly, they have amazing info on their page. Workouts, clothing, recipes, quotes, and a little bit of everything else that's awesome. Make sure to check them out. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Rugged Florals

I got a ton of compliments on an outfit I put together really quick while on vacation. I threw together a "boyish" look with some florals and curls to make it a bit more feminine. I loved how comfy I was!

Here are similar items:
Shorts: Rag and Bone has these seriously awesome boyfriend shorts. They are cute, and not too short.

This Komono: Any floral kimono will work.

A crop top: This white crop top is the perfect pairing

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stadium or Stair Workout

Is it a nice day out, but you don't know what to do for an outdoor workout? Need to switch up your workout? Don't have a gym membership? Time to take it to the stairs.

Stadiums or stair workouts are a great way to get in your cardio outside without just going for a long run.

Try this:
5x up every step (run)
5x up every other step (run)
2x up every other step with a glute kickback (walk)
2x up every other step both foot jump (like a squat jump)
2x up every step 1 leg hop (1x one leg 1x other leg)
2x up every step sideways (1x facing one side, 1x facing other side)

if you are feeling extra spicy, do it again!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fig & Kale Green Smoothie

I'm on a smoothie kick, so your welcome for these recipes that are about to hit my site! I just grabbed some groceries and was super excited to see organic frozen figs. This recipe is seriously bomb!

1 scoop 22 days vegan protein powder
2 cups kale
1 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk
2 frozen organic figs 
Blend until smooth 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ready For Monday Workout

Are you planning for your crazy busy week ahead? What days have you committed to working out? Try this total body woktout to jump start your week:

.5 mile run every other minute pick up the speed by 1%
20 squats (or squat jumps)
20 pushups 
20 v-up sit ups 
.5 mile run every other minute pick up the incline by 1% 
20 lunges (or lunge jumps)
20 tricep dips (on bench or ground)
20 sit ups with a twist at the top
.25 Mile faster run EVERY minute pick up the speed by 1%
20 side lunges (each leg)
20 mountain climbers
20 plank hip dips (each side)
.25 mile run EVERY minute pick up the incline by 1%
20 sumo squats (wide stance, toes pointed out) 
20 burpees
20 plank jacks (hold a plank, jump both legs wide, then both legs back together)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Where To Shop: My 10 Favorite Online Shops

I used to love shopping at the mall. The busier I get, the less time I have to shop. I have become a serious master of online shopping since moving to SF. I now feel like I know all the cool online shops, that don't carry the typical department store looks.

1. Revolve Clothing: This site has EVERYTHING you can think of. I online shop here more than any site, and they also have really great sales. Make sure to sign up for their email list for a discount.

2. ShopBop: I often check ShopBop for a wide range of clothing. They have so many clothes ranging from high fashion runway pieces to cheap white tees. They have a great return policy, and it's worth signing up for their newsletter. Check out the site here.

3. Shop Van De Vort: If you like beachy, boho, bright, and patterned clothes Van De Vort has some amazing pieces. I feel like they have more wearable boho looks, so you will look chic and not like you are headed to a festival. Look at these pieces, super Cali girl.

4. Totokaelo: I usually shop Tototkaelo for amazing Fall and Winter boots/sweaters, but they often have some super nice summery styles. I like that they focus on quality, and class. These outfits are perfect for formal nights out, and are timeless.

5. Emerson Fry: I love this site. Emerson Fry is pretty small in their selection, but I have bought some of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe from their site. Check them out before your favorite items sell out.

6. Nic Del Mar: Need a bikini? Look no further. This site has EVERYTHING. I love looking at this site for some inspiration before I make a purchase. They really have the best selection I've seen yet! They also have great dresses and beachwear.

7. Soleil Blue: This is another beachy summer site. I love the styling on the site. It inspires me to put my look together before I head out on the town or to the sand!

8. Tea & Tala: This site reminds me of the Australian version of Forever 21 just cuter. Check out Tea & Tala for affordable yet stylish looks. I especially love their rompers.

9. The Birdcage Boutique: All of my favorite Australian designers are up on this site. They have great sales, and super different clothes that you would see in the US. I love shopping here for pieces no one has ever seen around the states. You also get $30 off your first purchase when you sign up with your email. WORTH IT!

10. Planet Blue: This online shop has so many cool pieces. Needing something a bit different? Check this sites variety! I especially love the boho looks on this site, they give me inspiration.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Be Beachy

All I pretty much wore on my trip to Turks & Caicos was swimwear. It was so warm, and pretty much impossible to not sweat through anything but a bikini. If you don't own a L*Space bikini you're missing out! My favorite look right for the beach is unbuttoned shorts, a bikini, a big hat, and stunnas.

My Summer Beach Essentials: 

Bikini- l*space Swimwear Chloe Wrap Top in Pebble
Shorts- One Teaspoon Trashwhore Shorts
Hat- Brixton Gia Hat
Sunnies- Oliver Peoples Ria in Tortoise

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mango Green Smoothie

I'm back from Vaca!!!! This means back to my extra healthy meals. My first stop was Project Juice, second was a long bridge walk, then my third was coffee, and I finally ended up at the grocery store.

Here's what I blended up! 

1/2 coconut water 
1/2 c unsweetened almond milk
1/2 c mango
1 scoop vega 
2 cups kale 

Blend them up and enjoy 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Be Free

This 4th of July was different than previous. I wasn't in the country to celebrate. I am so used to extravagant over the top celebrations for the 4th. I didn't expect it to be a big day since I was in Turks & Caicos, but I was shocked to see how big the holiday was actually celebrated around the world! 

There were so many people dressed from head to toe in red white and blue. It wasn't only the Americans who were decked out. The reason? They love to be free. I asked a server at our restaurant and he said "we all rely on  America whether we like it or not". When I travel I really get to experience other cultures, but I also see how much our culture directly effects others. I am so proud to be American, we are so lucky to be free. 

Free to be whatever we want. Doctors, entrepreneurs, teachers, accountants, farmers, and anything else you can wrap your head around. We are a team. We are free to make decisions and although there are laws and rules we are so lucky to decide for ourselves what type of life we want to live.

After this holiday of fireworks, booze, and bikinis take a second to reflect on what you want to make of your freedom. Do you want to travel, own a business, or move? You have the freedom to, so don't hold yourself back from it! 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer Travel: Skinny Drinks

Do you have a trip planned this summer? Vacation, work, or a weekend getaway?

I love enjoying some beverages when I travel, but I just can't do tons of sugary drinks. Over time I have figured out to enjoy my favorite drinks guilt free by modifying the recipes. Here are my favorites! 

Bananas for Bananas
Coconut rum 
Soda water

Mango Mojito
Mango muddled with mint 
Coconut rum 
Soda water

Pineapple Cooler
Soda water

Skinny Margarita:
Lime juice (tons fresh squeezed) 
Soda water 
Splash of cranberry or agave 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vacation Workout: No Equipment Needed

I'm on vacation!! I have had a few people comment to me asking me why I workout on vacation, and my response is usually this...
"I have more time while on vacation than I ever do when I'm not on vacation. Right now I have zero meetings or schedule. Why wouldn't I workout on vacation? I really enjoy it!" 

What I've realized as a fitness professional over the years is a big percent of people who work out aren't doing it because they enjoy it. This saddens me. I wouldn't workout everyday if I hated it. I thoroughly feel amazing when I do, and that's why I won't apologize for working out while traveling or any other time. I do what makes me feel good and you should too (workout or not). 

Today's Outdoor workout:

Circuit 1
20 push-ups 
20 box jumps 
Ball court Sprint 
15 push-ups 
15 box jumps 
Ball court Sprint
10 push-ups 
10 box jumps 
Ball court Sprint

Circuit 2
20 lunges
20 sit ups 
Ball court Sprint (backwards running)
15 lunges
15 sit ups 
Ball court Sprint (backwards running)
10 lunges
10 sit ups 
Ball court Sprint (backwards running)

Circuit 3
20 air squats 
20 ice skaters 
Ball court sprint (side shuffles)
15 air squats 
15 ice skaters 
Ball court sprint (side shuffles)
10 air squats 
10 ice skaters 
Ball court sprint (side shuffles)

Circuit 4
20 leg raises 
20 mountain climbers 
Ball court sprint (squat jump there sprint back) 
15 leg raises 
15 mountain climbers 
Ball court sprint (squat jump there sprint back) 
10 leg raises 
10 mountain climbers 
Ball court sprint (squat jump there sprint back) 

If you aren't near a basketball court, you can sprint from a tree or light pole to the next and sprint back! 

Enjoy this one, and don't apologize for taking the time out of your day for a good sweat!

My water bottle and towel are fabletics, which is an awesome fitness line if you are looking for an affordable & cute workout wardrobe!