Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Review: Out Of The Cave (Paleo Eats)

Since I have gotten in to the fitness industry, I have met plenty of people on special diets. Diets ranging from Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Sugar-free, Fat-free, Low-carb, Raw, Low-calorie, Vegan, High-protein, High-fat, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and the list goes on.

One diet I have been reading a lot about more recently since starting to do CrossFit, is the Paleo diet. This diet consists of vegetables, especially greens, lean meats, nuts and seeds, little starch, and no sugar. I know many great athletes who have seen great gains in their physiques, as well as performance.

I have kept in touch with an old coach of mine named Darrell Lutz who has his own gym called M.A.S.S. Training. I recently noticed his new page called Out Of The Cave to see what it was all about and I was pleasantly surprised. He and his friend Tombro (a chef) created this health food service for people to enjoy healthy eats at a great price!

All the food they serve is organic! From the grass-fed meat, to the fresh veggies, the tasty sauces, and even organic spices! The quality of this food can not be beat! DID I ALREADY MENTION THE PRICES? Oh yeah, it's cheap! I had the chance to try three of the most popular dishes, and they are definitely on point!

MY FAVORITE was the Chicken Curry. It is made with Organic chicken breast, spices, and veggies, served on top of cauliflower rice, or spaghetti squash. I was shocked with how delicious this one was. Not too spicy, but had a kick! I could eat this one almost every day!

The chili was killer! The chili is made with turkey breast and the flavor was awesome! I don't know how they made this so perfect, I want the recipe. This can also be served over cauliflower rice or spaghetti squash!

The Jambalaya, was surprisingly also super delicious. I personally have never been a Jambalaya fan, until now! The jambalaya is made with Organic chicken, Andouille sausage, and veggies- served over cauliflower rice or spaghetti squash.

I can't wait to try more of their healthy options!!!!

Check them out, and tell them THEA sent you

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Favorite Multi-use Raw Dip/Spread

If you know me or have read my blog I am sure you are aware of my sweet tooth. I seriously love making clean treats! Today I made, what may now be my favorite "condiment". I am going to put this sh** on everything, and I can't even wait!!!
This dip/spread can go on so many things!!
1Tbsp. Raw Almond Butter
1 Tbsp. Raw Coconut Butter
1 Tbsp. Raw Cacao powder
2 Tbsp. Unsweetened Almond Milk
1/2 Tbsp. Stevia (optional)
  • Spread on ezekiel bread, rice cakes, or crackers
  • Spread on your favorite Protein Pancake, Homemade Protein Bar, or egg whites.
  • Dip (dates, banana, apple slices)
  • Blend with protein powder!
What do you think?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Work Hard/Play Hard. Does this work for you?

I truly feel that hard work pays off. I through life experiences believe in Karma, and what goes around comes around. Do you notice now-a-days people work hard and never get pay-off? Do you see some people work to little and play too much? How does one find that balance for themselves.

I am always trying to find that balance. I have at times in my life wished for big things to happen. Things obviously do happen until you stop wishing and start doing. Working 6-7 days a week was what I did to stay focused on building a career. I knew I wanted more, and I worked to get it.

I now have a much greater job than the one I barely made ends meat at. I now know that working that hard got me to where I am. It's time for me to play! I am so happy, today I booked a flight to Italy. This was last minute, and I couldn't turn up the opportunity! My favorite professor in college once said no matter how poor you are, travel and see the world and your experiences make you rich!

I can't wait!

What do you think? Do you work too much, are you pretty balanced, or play too much?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Buddy Up!

Are you lacking motivation or an excuse to get fit? Does it seem like your motivation only lasts a few weeks, days, or hours? Time to get a buddy!!!

There are many different forms of buddies that may all positively relate to your fitness. I am going to list and explain some ways of becoming successfully fit with a buddy.

FRIEND: I have been quite successful when teaming up with a friend to get fit. My great friend Kate was my ROCK when I decided to compete in my fitness competition. We did it together. Although we weren't working out all the time, we were there for support 24/7. We literally called to motivate, complain, laugh, and cry together. I seriously remember numerous phone conversations where one of us were sitting in our car outside the gym not wanting to go in, and we would support each other and make sure we got in there. If you have a friend who wants to get fit then use her/him for support. Call, text, email, facebook, workout together, cook together, get coffee together, and be there for one another
Tell your family members how much getting fit and changing your lifestyle means to you. Try to include them in your new healthy habits, instead of yell at them for having other habits (p.s. I learned the hard way on this one). Family members in my experiences take a little more time to persuade, but when you buddy up with one you can really find the support you desire. I personally love working out with my sister on a day I need to switch things up. She is a great triathlete and can run LONG.
I am fortunate to have had some amazing roomates in the last 5 years. Girls who will try anything, which is awesome because we are all at different fitness levels. I have gone on numerous runs with them, yoga classes, bar classes, hikes, grocery trips, cooking parties, and of course chats about nutrition. Roommates who are on-board with healthy eating will accept your habits even if they are uber healthy!
A trainer A good trainer will be there for you to hold you accountable. They will educate you on healthy living, and teach you the habits you need to learn to be successful in reaching your goals. A trainer will always be pushing you to a level you never knew you could reach. They will be there for guidance, support, and a seriously hardcore workout. If you have the extra money, this is a great tool to ensure you succeed in your goals.
If you are completely lost, and really want to make sure you are eating proper nutrients then I would suggest seeing a dietician. A dietician will know exactly what to advise you on eating, they will teach you how to incorporate the things you love, and hold you accountable to healthy habits. Dieticians are extremely up with the new research, and know what to suggest for special diet needs (celiac, lactose intolerant, vegan, etc.)

I suggest when you are ready to hop on the fit-train, to FIND A BUDDY. Someone you feel comfortable with, and someone whose advice you would listen to.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Workout of The Day: Cardio Circuit Craziness

You want to have a seriously hard workout today? Challenge yourself!

1,000 meter row
1 mile run
50 squats
40 mountain climbers
30 med-ball slams
20 pushups
10 burpees


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Workout Of The Day: Squats Galore

Want a fast (seriously less than 6 minutes) workout? Want to workout with no equipment? You're in luck!

Time to get those legs burnin' and your heart rates up!

Make sure you warm up and are ready to roll!

Squats Galore:
30 squats
Run basketball court length and back (or 50 meters)
25 squats
Run basketball court length and back (or 50 meters)
20 squats
Run basketball court length and back (or 50 meters)
15 squats
Run basketball court length and back (or 50 meters)
10 squats
Run basketball court length and back (or 50 meters)
5 squats
Run basketball court length and back (or 50 meters)

Whew! How'd you do?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thea's Banana Protein Pancake

I have made SO many different types of protein pancakes, and today is a new day that called for a new recipe!

1/2 Banana (soft and mashed)
2 Egg whites
1 Scoop protein powder (I used a strawberry banana flavor this time and it actually was quite delish)
Pinch of cinnamon
Splash of almond milk or coconut milk
Optional: berries, or coconut butter

1. In medium bowl crack in two eggs and separate the whites.
2. Mash banana in with the egg whites.
3. Mix in the milk.
4. Stir in protein powder and cinnamon.
5. Spray pan with non-stick spray.
6. Pour mixture on to pan, then once ready GO AHEAD AND FLIP!!!
7. Serve when pancake turns medium brown.
8. Eat and enjoy! This morning I added a tablespoon of coconut butter on top, it was so creamy and delicious!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Thea's Mango Avocado Salsa

This is an UBER quick recipe that is definitely multi-use. I love mango salsa, especially fresh.

Some uses:
On top of omelets
Baked on fish as a relish
On tacos
In stir-frys
Salad Dressing

2 mangoes
2 tomatoes
1/2 white onion
1 avocado

1. Slice and dice all 4 ingredients.
2. Mix in a bowl.
3. Serve.