Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Workout: Outdoor Cardio Circuit

Ok, I killed myself today in a no equiptment outdoor workout. Today wasn't about lifing, it was about enjoying the SF sunshine and being creative with my training. I was having so much fun I really forgot how hard I was working until after I finished and had to lay in the grass for 10 minutes.

Try it out, or try out a portion of it!!!

Run to a hill nearby (I ran 1.5 miles to a park down the way)

Start at the bottom of the hill 
10 squats 
Sprint up the hill (about 100meters)
10 squat jumps
Run down the hill 
10 squats 
Run backwards up the hill
10 squat jumps 
Run down
Repeat 5 more times.. But interchange the squats(rd 1) with sit ups (rd 2) pushups (rd 3) lunges(rd 4) burpees (rd 5)

Then run to a flat area and complete 
10 inchworms 
20 walking lunges 
10 squat jumps for distance 
Complete 3 rounds

I then ran to another grassy area .5 miles away to drop my heart rate a bit and completed
10 squats 
20 side lunges(10 each leg)
30 leg raises
40 plank shoulder touches 
100 meter sprint 
Complete this circuit 5 times

I had 10 minutes to kill so I finished with 5 rounds 
10 squat jumps 
10 back lunges 
10 burpees
10 sit ups with a twist

I then jogged back.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Plan, Pack, & Prep For Results

Are you trying to get in the best shape of your life? Do you feel like every time you start getting on track you fall right off? Well you aren't alone. I have felt this way so many times, and have come to one simple conclusion; meal prep. 

I truly only see the results I want when I plan, pack, and prep my meals before I leave my house. I bought a cooler like this to take with me to work, and with me when I am out and about. It sounds crazy to some people, and yes it is much easier to grab pre packaged processed foods for your meals. In order to see results and see progress, you need to know what you are eating.

So what should you eat?
It all depends on your goals, and I know you want a quick answer.. There isn't one. This is why working with a registered dietician is helpful. No, you don't need to pay them tons of money every single week for the rest of your life. They will look at your current meals, and help you alter your regime to help you acheive the goals you set. On top of that, they will educate you on why you should eat what you are eating. In working with my nutrition coach MJ and R.D David I not only gained knowledge I still use today, but I gained some delicious recipes & tips.

Every time I start meal prepping, I start seeing muscle tone within 2 weeks. I'm not starving myself. I'm just cutting out things that are hidden and added to our meals when out like sauces, dressings, oils, salt, sugar, and overall too big of portions.

Try meal prepping this week, and see how you feel.

To really educate yourself, and hit your goals email David Goldman who is a registered dietician who graduated from Columbia. I have seen him work wonders on transforming bodies, and lives. Email David: dmg2140@tc.columbia.edu

Monday, April 21, 2014

My Journey: Do What Makes You Happy

This ones going to be long... 

My journey isn't a simple one, and if you want to know the deets here you go. I am going to be very candid about my fitness journey and what my next steps are going to be. 

To start, I have always been an athlete. I played numerous sports growing up and in high school played three varsity sports (volleyball, soccer, and track). I got recruited to run track in college, and I jumped at the opportunity. It wasn't until my freshmen season when I got injured that my real journey in fitness began. For the first time, nothing came easy. To clarify... When I was growing up practices were super hard, but I was just an overachiever and could push myself to crazy limits. That being said I could eat whatever I wanted. Chips, ice cream, pizza, burgers, etc. All of that ended in college. I noticed the freshman 15 turned in to the 20, and I needed to learn about proper nutrition.

I threw myself in to diet books (bad idea) and became obsessed with fitness. Now not as an athlete, but as a gym goer. I counted calories, and as I mentioned earlier I like to overachieve I made sure I did. I lost the freshman 20 and then some. I think I went a little overboard with numbers, and found myself thinking that I didn't even look fit I just looked skinny. At that point my journey took a different turn.

It isn't about being skinny, it's about being fit. I decided to strength train, and instead of calorie count I would make sure to get in my macros (protein, carbs, and fat). This is when I started my blog. I loved my workouts and clean eating. 

I then decided to step it up a notch and after a few years of clean eating I wanted to do one of the fitness competitions I was reading so much about. I was working two jobs, and training like a maniac. In preparation for my competition I cut out everything bad, worked out hours on end, and made it a priority to see results.. Which I did. I got 3rd place and felt great.

After the competition my years of meal prepping went out the door due to getting a great new job that serves food for free at work. After getting the job I maintained clean eating, but didn't weigh my food or care to anymore. I slowly started putting on weight, but didn't mind it because I was enjoying myself. Drinking on the weekends in moderation, and treating myself in moderation. For me it isn't that easy though, I'm not that lucky to just have it easy. I have to work my ass off day in and day out to get results I want.

After this trip I just got back from, I decided that I want to take my happiness back. I started last Wednesay and I am completing 9 weeks of a program. 9 weeks of meal prepping, intense workouts, no wine, no sugar, or junk. The reason is that I give a lot of myself to friends and clients everyday. I need to give myself back that same amount or even more. I want to be confident in my skin, just like everyone else strives to be. 

I am on a journey that just continues, but right now I am reeling it back in and doing it for me. If you are someone who needs an extra push, or a little motivation please look within yourself. You can do anything you put your mind to. If you need support on your journey I am here. I know I love having support on mine.

Now let's kick some major ass.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

Fresh lemon water is my go to drink of choice, especially after travel! I just take a 1/2 a lemon, squeeze the juice in to my water jug in the morning and refill with
fresh water throughout the day!

Lemon water is very alkalizing and helps balance pH levels 
Aids liver cleansing 
High in Calcium, potassium,& vitamin C
Helps rid visceral fat
Natural diuretic 

Friday, April 11, 2014

What To Pack: My Travel Musts

Ok. Let's be real, I'm a girl! There are some travel necessities! I am in Greece and wanted to share my top items I packed for this beachy trip.

1. Stunna shades, so I look cool

2. Dry shampoo, because who washes their hair everyday 

3. Itsy bitsy teeny weenie bikini, self explanatory  

4. Ball cap, I don't want wrinkles y'all 

5. Tinted moisture, SPF plus a little shimmer 

6. Nude sandals, because they go with everything and anything

7. A floral dress, because it's spring

8. A nude lip, you can't go wrong with

9. Gold bling, to dress up beachwear to nightwear

10. Bright Blush, to make a pop of  your tan

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Travel. Be Wild. Be Free.

Being aware and recognizing which way your life is going is quite empowering. Do you know what you are good at, enjoy, get motivated, and thrive doing? Do you also know what nerves you, makes you uninspired, and slows down your progress?

Well for me I think I am really aware of all of the above. I can recognize when I need a break. When I've overdone it or just need to mix things up. This goes for all aspects in ones life.

Traveling for me brings balance I yearn for. It's not the balance that you search for and all of the sudden find. When I travel I get inspired. I see sunshine, feel joy, eat good food, chat with new people, & I spend time really soaking up all life has to offer. 

I see travel as investing in my happiness, well being, knowledge, relationships; all while getting a great tan. Travel has no limits. You create your wild life. No one writes your story but you. So what's your story going to be? 

You can get in your car and travel to a beach an hour away, you may grab a hotel in a city you've never been, pack some clothes and a tent for a camping trip. That's the best part of travel. Seriously, no rules! You don't need money, you just need an idea.

Pick a place. Share your story. Make sure it's wild and you run free! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Switching Up Your Workout For Results

Do you go to the gym regularly? What about yoga? Do you run everyday?

When you are setting fitness goals it is important to look at the big picture. What is going to make you reach those goals. I am going to give you a few examples of goals, and common misconceptions of what it takes to reach them. I hope these will help you assess your goals, and actually make strides towards achieving them without becoming stagnant.

Why aren't you seeing the results you want?

-  Do you want to lose weight, or fat?
  • Losing weight is easier than losing fat, because you can just cut calories and increase exercise. This doesn't mean you speed up your metabolism, it actually often results in the reverse. If you aren't feeding your muscles properly, you can slow down your metabolism.
  • Do all sorts of exercises (don't just stick to one). Running a lot will make you a better runner, yes. Running everyday won't make you more flexible, stronger, or balanced. Look at fitness like you do food. You need a little bit of everything to complete a balanced approach.
  • Nutrition is 75% of losing weight. You simply can't lose weight if you eat junk. Take a look at your diet, and start cleaning it up!
- Do you want to gain muscle?
  • Gaining weight, in the form of muscle is extremely tough. When gaining weight you hit plateau's just like you do when losing.
  • It's important to switch up your workout days. Your body becomes used to routine, and sometimes you need to shock your system. Do you always do legs on Monday, chest on Tuesday, etc., etc.? This week switch it up!
  • Just like switching up your workout days you should switch up reps, sets, and exercises. Do you always perform 4 sets of 8 reps? Try heavier weights, or 5 sets of 6, and also hit the muscle from a different angle (instead of lat pull-downs, try a reverse grip).
- Are you bored at the gym?
  • There isn't one way to reach your goal. Try new approaches to make sure things stay fun. Grab a friend and try a new class.
  • Buy a new magazine to find inspiration (Muscle & fitness, Oxygen, Runners World, Yoga Journal, etc.)
  • Download some new music to pump you up.
  • Switch up the order of your workout to keep you on your toes and thinking.
- Do you hate gyms, or can't afford one?
  • You can still reach your fitness goals! Time to do some research. What's around? 
  • Park workouts, run trails, hiking trails, meetup groups, cycling clubs, swim teams, etc.
  • Sometimes you have to think outside the box to keep yourself committed and engaged in this lifestyle. 
I hope you find some info in here that strikes you or inspires you. If you have any questions or need help finding your passion feel free to message me on Facebook!