Thursday, August 25, 2016

Some Of My Favorite Things On SALE Now

SALE SALE SALE! I think that is one of my top ten favorite words. Especially when some of my absolute favorite things are on sale. Check out my most recent finds that I've been so excited to share with you. 

Let me know which ones are your faves! I apologize in advance for the damage you may do to your bank account after reading this post.

Riller and Fount Dress: This is my absolute favorite dress to travel in. It's super comfy and flatteringAF. I am going to buy it in another color since it's on sale and I love it so much!

MLM: How cute is this draped top by MLM? It's almost half off, so get it while you can!

Matisse: These slip on booties are everything. Wear these bad boys all season long. They rarely go on sale.

Current Elliot Dress: This dress is SUPER comfy. Well, anything from Current/Elliot is. I love this dress with sandals and a jean jacket, or with sneaks and a flannel around your waist.

Vanessa Mooney Choker: Chokers are super in right now, and when they are on sale they are on my list of things to get. I love Vanessa Mooney and I love this necklace.

Show me Your Mumu Romper: Show me your mumu makes the most cute and comfy rompers I've ever owned. I have a similar one that I love, and think this one is perfect for so many occasions.

Raye Espadrille: You may already know this is my favorite sandal of the season & it's finally on SALE! I am completely obsessed and wear these all the time!

Club Monaco Strapless top: I just wore this textured top in my recent post and it's now on sale! Can I get an amen?

Auguste: This off the shoulder top is cute, flirty and perfect for the end of summer.

Zimmerman Crossbody Bag: This fall the trends are all about suede and this purse is a timeless addition to your accessories.

Mother Denim Shorts: Do you ever feel like everything goes on sale AFTER you have already bought it?! AHHH, well I convinced myself that these shorts are worth the full price. They totally are, so if you can get them on sale... do it!!!

Faithfull The Brand: How cute is this top? Faithfull the brand is my season favorite, and I love their whole collection. It doesn't hurt when their stuff is on sale.

Rag and bone denim: These are my go-to jeans to wear with boots. They hug super tight on your ankles and look amazing on! Stock up while they are on sale! 

Tularosa Pale Pink Dress: This dress is perfect for the end of summer through beginning of fall! Have a Napa trip planned? Baby shower? Wedding shower or just a girls brunch? This one is the perfect simple look, just pair it with a nude wedge and you're all set!
MATE: Need the perfect black tank? Look no further, it's on sale!

Amanda Uprichard: Going to Vegas for Labor Day? Maybe a warm wedding or vacation? I wore this dress in Vegas and loved it! Super comfy and cute.

Life Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know

I was on a girls trip in Tahoe a few weeks ago and my girlfriends laughed at how many little tips and tricks I knew (mostly how to keep wine cool and fresh LOL). They said "life hacks by Thea" and right then I noticed how many little life tips and tricks over the years I've learned from friends, family members or just by being in dire need for a quick fix. Here are some life hacks that I think every girl will benefit from knowing.



Who doesn't love a great glass of champagne? Sometimes we just want 1 glass and another a while later, but the bubbles stop being so fizzy. Well, there's a life hack for that. All you have to do is put a spoon in your champagne (bowl up and handle in the bottle). This will preserve the bubbles. Crazy, right? It works!!


Do you ever go to the store and get home wanting to pop that bottle.... BUT it's not cold yet :( Well, I have just the tip to speed up the cooling process
- Get a wash cloth or a bundle of paper towels 
- Soak them under wet water
- Wrap the wet towel around your bottle
- Place bottle wrapped in wet towel in the freezer

- Should be chilled within 10-15 minutes


Dry shampoo

Have you ever been running around and you feel like your hair looks a bit oily, but you don't have any dry shampoo? What about when you are at home heading out and you run out of your dry shampoo? Is there anything worse? I have a hack for you! This happened to me recently and I used my translucent powder in place of dry shampoo, it worked like a miracle! I just put the powder on my hands and worked it through the base of my hair. The result was fresh looking non-oily hair! Whatever loose translucent powder you have should do the trick!

Toothbrushes are like liquid gold

Flyaways- do you have weird flyaways or baby hairs that always annoy you? I got your back. All you need to do is spray some hairspray on a toothbrush and push those flyaways out of your face. I promise they will stay put!
Brows-Are you on a trip and your brows are looking wild? A tooth brush will do the trick to tame those guys!

Hair dye- Dying your hair at home, but you literally suck and always get die on your forehead? Put some die on a toothbrush and use this to apply around your forehead and ear area. 

Makeup remover

I always run out of makeup remover, so a super cheap and easy way to remove your makeup is using an organic conditioner. It works wonders and I just completely stopped buying makeup remover. Just place it on your eyes and rub away the makeup- all you need to make sure of is that it isn't super scented (most aren't).

Top knot bun

You know how everyone buys these things for the perfect bun? Well if you don't have one, a sock will do. Yeah seriously, grab yourself a long tube sock (dark hair use a dark sock, light hair use a light sock)
- Cut the closed end off the toes of the sock
- Roll the sock up to look like a donut
- Put your hair in a pony
- Place the "donut" at the end of your hair
- Roll your hair in to a bun.

I saw this video years ago and have been using this technique ever since.

Smooth looking lipstick

Don't you hate having cracks in your lipstick or visible dry skin? All you need to do is take your toothbrush and brush your lips. Yes, this will exfoliate and get rid of dry skin! Another thing that works well is mixing brown sugar with just enough honey (or olive oil) and scrubbing your lips, then washing it off with a warm washcloth.

How to not bloat when flying

Do you bloat and/or your feet swell when you're traveling? Me too. There's a trick around it. Green tea. Get to the airport and get a large green tea from Sbux or Peet's and drink throughout the flight. Alternately, you can pick up green tea extract and pop a few before you travel. Green tea is a natural 


Off the shoulder tops

Have you ever worn an off the shoulder top that keeps creeping up over your shoulders? It's so annoying when the sleeves won't stay down. I watched this video, and it changed the game for me. Now, I do this and have ZERO issues with my tops scrunching up. 

Double sided tape

Low cut top- are you nervous you're going to flash the world with either your bra or your nip? Just apply some double sided tape on either your skin to the fabric or from your bra to the fabric.
Bra straps- are your bra straps showing in your tank top? Apply some double sided tape from your bra to the fabric, and that should help. Also if your bra in the back of your top keeps showing you can do the same.

Washing whites

Do you have a stain, but aren't sure how to get it out and not burn a hole through it. The trick is to throw some soap in to the bottom of your washer with some bleach and start the washer with Nothing in it for about 1 minute. Once the soap and bleach have blended with the hot water you can toss in your whites. Works like a charm every time!

If you think your friends or family can learn a thing or two from this post, please share :)

Friday, August 19, 2016

Summertime Florals

It's summertime,  and who doesn't like to dress fun and flirty in the sun? This outfit is perfect for summer brunch, a picnic, or a coffee date with friends. Wear this top with cut off shorts, white jeans, or ripped light denim and you're off! This hat goes with just about everything!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Links I Love

1. I love peeking on Oxygen's website to see the workouts the post, it gives me ideas on how to incorporate new moves in to my training.

2. I joined this group BOSSBABE a while back and love listening to their new podcasts and signing up for their podcasts.

3. I check out 7x7 pretty often and since San Francisco opens and closes new stores so frequently, this site keeps me in "the know". I always know what festivals are happening, restaurants that are opening, and shops to stop by. They also cover some other towns in The Bay, so check it out!

4. If you're in to this kind of stuff, I am always checking my Horoscope online. 

5. Refinery29 has some really fun content on their site. If I want to read up on the latest gossip, learn what new makeup has been released, or even read up on feminism.. I can stop here!

6. I love fashion, and love that Revolve features new brands and looks weekly. It gives me ideas on how to style what's in my closet.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Best Hair Products To Take When You Travel

I always love having small products with me whether I'm traveling or just headed out for a full day. These products are my favorites and since there are SO many product out there I want to let you know why these ones are my go-to's.

Drybar- Money Maker- This is my favorite hairspray. I've been using this for about 2 years and I just love it. Some of the reasons I like it are a)the smell (people think I'm wearing a fresh perfume, even though it's just my hairspray) b) the fact that it isn't heavy, sticky and it doesn't leave any white flakes c) it's buildable, so you can keep adding over days and it won't look like you have tons of hairspray in your hair.

R+Co- Outer Space- This hairspray is great to take to an event or if you need your hair to stay! It is a little heavier than the Drybar one, but it has more of a hold. It would be the perfect thing to pack if you were going to be out dancing all night or taking a lot of photos!

Oribe- Thick Dry Finishing Spray- This stuff is perfect if you have thin hair and want to create a bit more volume and texture. I like taking this one on vacation, so I can keep beachy hair that doesnt look too frizzy. This product is great for messy beachy waves.

R+Co- Dry Desert Dry Shampoo- This spray comes with me wherever I go. It's in my suitcase, my backpack and sometimes even my purse. It's the best dry shampoo I've ever tried. I love it because it doesn't leave tons of white residue on your hair, and similar to the Money Maker it is buildable over days and you can keep touching up!

Oribe- Split End Seal- This product is great to use when you've just finished styling your hair and you either see a few dry ends OR you have fly aways. This product will hydrate those ends and also give you a really nice finish.

Oribe- Gold Lust Conditioner- This is the holy grail of conditioners. I have bleached hair on my ends, and I credit this conditioner to my hair still being healthy! I have been using this one for 2.5 years and have no interest in switching anytime soon. I used to have to use TONS of conditioner to make my hair feel smooth. This one the product goes a really long way, so even though it's on the pricier end I have saved money because I don't need to use very much at all.

Oribe- Gold Lust Hair Oil- This paired with the Oribe Conditioner are the two most hydrating products i've found on the market. This is another one I can't live without. I have tried so many hair oils and they either seem too oily, or that they don't hydrate enough. This one is the perfect mix!

Monday, August 15, 2016

What Do I Want To Do In Life & How Do I Get It?

We are in our THIRD post on How To Transform Your Hustle. I am super pumped to be sharing my thoughts with you on this topic. Last week, we talked about what hustle is and how you can find that inner hustle. This week we are going right in to figuring out how to apply that hustle, by evaluating exactly what it is you want to do!

Is there something that keeps you up at night? Like seriously, are you the person who gets an idea and either needs to write it down or tell someone immediately. If you have this, you know exactly what I mean. MOST people have this. Some may be super excited about a business idea, others about a recipe book, some may even be super excited about song lyrics they need to write it down so they don't forget to. Whatever THAT is, whatever keeps you up, makes you want to research and learn more... is exactly what you need to be doing if you want to transform your hustle.

You see, I've had so many clients and friends who have an absolutely amazing idea they share with me. I always ask what they are going to do with the idea, and nine times out of ten they just say "nothing". At some point in our lives we were taught to not follow our dreams. At some point we were either put down, failed badly at something, or lost our motivation for whatever reason. It's an unfortunate truth most of us have to accept, but the thing is it doesn't have to stay this way for you. We all have the power to change, so why not start now? If you want to have an amazing business and side hustle, you will have to turn down the volume on those voices in your head telling you it's too hard or you can't.

The most successful people in the world have fallen and failed just like you and I. The difference between them and your average Joe is they believed in that burning feeling that kept them up at night and decided that the possibility of making their dream a reality was way better than sitting back and keeping that just an idea in their head.

Now what should this all mean to you? It means that what you want in life is not something I can teach you or a friend can tell you. It is something so deep within you that only you will know it when it hits you.

Here are some of my tips to realize what it is that will motivate you and once you find this you will be able to plan it out and start working towards it:

1. Don't watch any TV for a week. Spend that time journaling, online, reading, etc. and see what you come up with. When your mind is a bit more quiet you will find some trends in your writing, reading, searches, etc. The things your mind wander in these moments can be something BIG.
2. At the end of the day write down 3 daily affirmations (ie. I am strong), 3 things you're grateful for, 1 thing that could've made your day better. Those things may give you a bit of motivation or insight to what really makes you happy.
3. Think about your ideal day. What does it look like? If it doesn't look like your current routine, then this means you may need to make a change. Being inspired by that change can be a great thing to keep you pushing for more.
4. Who do you look up to? Talk to them! Seriously, if someone you know is a BADASS talk to them about how they do what they do. It won't hurt to chat!

Try this, and tell me if it makes you feel like you're on to something!

Stay tuned for next post: How to start your side hustle

Nails and Bling

I love me some bling! I am also super picky about the kind of jewelry I wear. I've found that I love small, dainty and yet clean looking jewelry. I usually find some smaller things to wear daily like the bracelet on my left arm and the smaller rings on both hands. When I want to add more "style" or dress things up a bit I will add things like the ring on my left middle finger and the bracelet on my right.

Who are your favorite jewelry designers?

I also absolutely love a bright nail for the spring and summer, this one from Gelish is my go-to!

JNB: ring, bracelet Marida: ring, Etsy: braceletring 
Nail color: Gelish, I'm Brighter than you

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Good Vibes Only

Sometimes all you need is an awesome T-shirt. This Good Vibes shirt is SO fun and I love wearing it out and about. Right when I slide it on I immediately get a little pep in my step.

Flannel: Rails La 
Shorts: mother denim
Sunnies: Quay

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Can I Get An Amen?

My friend and I roamed around San Francisco and decided to be tourists in our own town. How amazing is this wall?
This outfit was simply perfect for a San Francisco summer. It's not too warm, so boots and a hat are completely appropriate.

Outfit details:Janessa Leone hat- here; Club Monaco top- here; Mother Demin Jeans- similar here; Vince Camuto Boots- similar here

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

What is Hustle? How do you know if you have it? Here's my story!

Hustle is known to most of us as working your butt off to earn a dollar. For me hustle is working my butt off to create a better future and career for myself. Like me, I'm sure you feel the same way. How do you create a life you are proud of and how do you make money doing that? Well, my answer isn't short but I promise it's meaningful.

Hustle for different people comes in different forms. Did you know for most of my life I've had multiple jobs?

Read my story: SORRY IT'S LONG...

Let me share a little about how I got my hustle. Since I was really young, I've always had expensive taste. I can walk in to any store and usually the first thing I pick up is one of the most expensive items in the store. Growing up, I would constantly ask my parents for things. They never gave much allowance ($10 a week if you finished my chores) nor did they give us lunch money (we had plenty of food at home to bring and they didn't care if that wasn't cool). Little did they know, by being this way- although it did annoy me- they drove me to be extra motivated to work for the things I wanted (thanks mom and dad). 
At 15, I got a job (under the table) serving pizza at lunch time at Dominos. I made $5, got free lunch and also saved money by not having to buy lunch. Right when I turned 16 I wanted a job. My parents weren't so fond of the idea, as I played 3 competitive high school sports along with competitive travel soccer. I convinced them that I could balance it all and got a job. I now had money to go to the movies, buy clothes, etc. The summer before college I got my first 40 hour a week job to save for school. 
The first year of college I didn't work, because I was a Division 1 athlete and my parents wanted me to focus on school and track. I absolutely hated it. I wanted my own money to spend and it felt suffocating to not have that freedom. I think this time in my life was HUGE in showing me if I want something bad enough I can make it happen. After that year, I decided track & field wasn't for me. I stayed full time at my college, but decided to go back to a sport I love (soccer) for fun. In order to play soccer, I had to also be full-time at the junior college I was playing at. This is where my hustle really took off. I went to 2 colleges full time, played soccer and worked at a restaurant. I was making money, in school learning and getting fit. All the things I love. This for one, showed me I could do anything I put my mind to and also taught me I can have fun doing it. I did this for 2 years and loved it.

After that, school was in full force working on my B.S. in Kinesiology, interning 3 days a week and I worked at a nice restaurant bringing in a good amount of cash, HOLLA! I worked on this blog in my free time and was also pretty much a fitness freak. I figured, if I kept doing things I love I will be all set!

Soon after I graduated college, I got a full-time job working at a physical therapy clinic 40 hours a week. The pay was absolute sh*!. I literally was making $12 an hour and most of my money was going to rent. I decided, why not keep your waitressing job? I loved it and it brought in extra money, score! I did this for about a year, and decided it was wearing on me. Between 2 jobs, working out a ton and feeling like I wasn't learning anything.. it was time for a change.

I decided to apply for corporate wellness jobs online. Fitness, health and people are what make me feel alive. Helping people reach their goals is so fun for me. I got my dream job at one of the biggest tech companies in the world running their fitness and wellness programs. This was an absolute dream. I moved to San Francisco for this job and was SHOCKED by not only the cost of living, but just the cost of everything in the city. My job took up most of my time, so I didn't really want a whole other job. However, about 6 months in to working there a life-changing opportunity came up for me.

I got asked to be a personal stylist. Oddly enough, I have always loved and adored fashion and with my 2 year stint being full-time at 2 colleges I even took a full years worth of fashion classes. This opportunity to be a personal stylist allowed me to be creative, do something I love and help this person feel great when they get dressed everyday. I felt like I was on to something and over the last few years this client turned in to 4 clients and 2 outside personal training clients. Making the time (on nights and weekends) for this seems to some as too much work, or not manageable. I beg to differ. When you're doing something you love it doesn't feel like work, and it opens so many other doors for you. I've learned the more apply myself, the more people I tell, the more opportunities arise.

Now how does my story let you know if you have this hustle?

My life experiences have pushed me to hustle at a young age, but you don't need to have the same experiences as me to find this. What it takes is goal setting and resilience.  You have to believe in yourself so much that failure is not an option. Of course little failures will happen, but you have to pick yourself back up. You have to take setbacks with poise and keep pushing for what you want even when you feel it may be nearly impossible. 
Figure out those goals, write them down, make a plan, go get them & don't give up!

Next post: What do I want to do in life and how do I get it? This post will be about narrowing down on what goals you want to focus on. 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Transform Your Hustle

I am about to start a series on how to Transform Your Hustle. I wanted to create a string of posts so you can either chime in to the specific conversations your interested in within the series OR progress along with me as I dive deeper from post to post.

The reason I am so inspired to share this with you all, is because we all oftentimes get a little stagnant in our lives and yearn for something exciting to happen and make everything better. Well, I do believe that by having faith in yourself that you can truly accomplish a lot. However, you can't accomplish anything without a plan.

Each and every person I chat about work, travel and their goals with have completely different approaches to getting what they want. To attain a dream job, take the trip of a lifetime or train for a marathon- there is not a one size fits all approach. That's where this series comes in. I have dedicated a lot of my time and really observed what it takes. For me, for my clients, and for you!

Stay tuned and follow my favorite approaches to making your hustle meaningful and fulfilling.

- What is hustle? How do I know if I have what it takes to pursue it?
- What do I want to do in life and how do I get it?
- How to start your side hustle
- If I know what I want and it's not working out, how do I move forward?

Monday, August 1, 2016

Let's Get Nudes

Firstly, get your head out of the gutter! We are talking about the best nude lipsticks here. There are SO many amazing lip colors out right now and I want to share two of my most recent discoveries.

I have a few of Kylie's colors (will post about these soon), but my friend introduced these two to me this weekend and I wore them all day and all night. Both are a definite must have.

Jeffree Star: Mannequin
This is an absolutely amazing matte. I can't get enough of it, it goes on so smooth. One thing I dislike about most matte lipsticks is they get extremely dry and clumpy, well not these! I am going to buy a few more, because I love them so much.

Tarte: Tartiest- Obvi
This lip color is beautiful. It isn't as matte as the one above, so I acutally threw it on over the Jeffree Star color for an added glam! This stuff goes on super smooth and lasts all day and all night! Another huge plus is the color looks good on just about anyone.

What are your favorite nudes? I want to know!